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Fill the Talent Pool

By: Rick Howard

The tag line for my blog is “Fill the Talent Pool.” What can you do to be sure that we are providing every youngster the opportunity to participate in healthy-habit developing sports and activity? Consider the three key words in Fill the Talent Pool:

  1. Fill: this implies that we have not yet reached our peak level, which we have not
  2. Talent: this does not necessarily mean elite talent, but maximizing each child’s ability
  3. Pool: the pool is every child having the opportunity to enjoy, participate, and reach their potential

Our current system, unfortunately, suffers from the following:

  1. Diluting the talent pool: by encouraging only a select few to enjoy this opportunity, through clubs, select teams, and other forms of early specialization, we end up leaving many aspiring athletes behind, burning out the early maturers so that they no longer want to play and perhaps not the select few who can take it to the next level,
  2. Having a pool with the wrong notion of talent: by trying to identify talent too early, overplaying youth that display early talent, and ignoring best practices of developing talent through a variety of sport and activity experiences, we exploit talent too early and neglect to nurture talent development throughout childhood
  3. Not having the right people in place to fill the pool: many well-intentioned parents and other volunteers step up to help kids get the experience of sportsmanship, camaraderie, winning and losing, and being part of something bigger than they.

So, you can play a huge role to Fill the Talent Pool!

  1. Fill your kids with the passion to be active and to try a variety of sports and activities
  2. Let kids know their Talent is in their continued effort and improvement
  3. Encourage all kids to get in the Pool and be the best they can be

Keep reading this blog to learn the latest in youth sports, youth fitness, and youth coaching so we can all work together to Fill the Talent Pool.



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