Athletic Stance

The ABCs of movement start with the Athletic Stance. If we can’t set up in the right position, how can we expect to move with proficiency?  The athletic stance is the fundamental starting position for athletes in every sport. Not only that, the athletic stance sets the stage for movements in many activities of daily living and exercises in the gym. Check out this quick video for basics of the athletic stance: Athletic Stance

When teaching athletes or beginning exercisers, begin with the athletic stance to help develop:

  • positioning of center of gravity (belly button level, generally) over base of support (arches of feet to balls of feet)
  • awareness of weight distribution between both feet and on the forefoot, midfoot, and hindfoot
  • “soft knees” position to lead to hip hinge pattern
  • “proud chest” to maintain postural control and core activation
  • how moving hand position for athletic stance in a variety of sports (ball-handling sports like basketball and baseball vs stick-handling sports like field hockey and lacrosse, for example) changes the center of gravity, and how hand position for beginning position for a variety of exercises (goblet squat vs  prisoner squat vs zercher squat, for example) changes the center of gravity

This fundamental movement leads us to the letter B.


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