ABCs of Movement: Develop Fundamental Movement Skills

Once the ABCs of movement have been established, we can start the process of applying the ABCs. The foundation of this process is developing fundamental movement skills. Fundamental movement skills are those movements that have been identified to support movement mastery. There are a couple ways to differentiate these skills but this one seems to be the most common: Body Management (Part of the ABCs), Locomotor Skills, and Object Control.

This table delineates which motor skill corresponds to which category:

Body Management– ability to balance your body while still, and in motion Locomotor– transport body in any direction Object Control– controlling implements
Balance (dynamic) Crawling Bouncing
Balance (static) Dodging Catching
Bending Galloping Dribbling (feet/hands)
Climbing Hopping Kicking
Landing Jumping (distance/height) Striking
Rolling Leaping Throwing
Stopping Running  
Stretching Skipping  
Swinging Swimming  
Turning Walking  


Of these fundamental motor skills, eleven have been identified as most essential for transfer to sports skills: Bouncing a ball, catching, dodging, forehand striking, kicking, leaping, overhand throwing, punting, running, two-hand side-arm striking, and vertical jumping. Be sure to incorporate these skills regularly in your sports practice and strength and conditioning program.

Fundamental movement skills and muscle strength are inexorably linked, so it is important to include strength training for all youth programs. Calculating maximum loads is inappropriate for beginning exercisers of any age. While there are prediction tables based off of the number of repetitions that can be completed (5, 8, or 10 repetitions, for example), the NUMBER of reps is not nearly as important as the QUALITY of the repetitions. I like using the 1-10 Scale RPE. Find a beginning weight that gives an RPE of 4-6. I have found that one set of nine exercises (rotating lower, core, upper) works best.

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Interested in sharing information on youth-centered fitness, youth sports, and youth coaching.

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