About Rick Howard

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Rick Howard, M.Ed., CSCS, *D, USAW

Rick Howard is pursuing his doctoral degree from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in Health Promotion and Wellness. He is an adjunct instructor at West Chester University, Temple University, Rowan University and Delaware State University. He is the Director of Fitness and Sports Performance at the Wilmington (DE) Country Club.

Rick is the NSCA Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator and Chair of the NSCA State and Provincial Director Program.  He has presented on youth fitness topics nationally and internationally. He has written or co-written journal articles and position statements on youth training, contributes a column for NSCA Coach Journal, and was special feature Editor for the NSCA Strength and Conditioning Journal-Youth.  He is a novice strongman competitor.


  1. Just read your article in the Spring PFP magazine. Excellent. At 67 I still attend workshops, and classes to keep learning new things and to keep working on myself as well as my instructional skills. My original degrees are in dance, music and drama with minors in psych and sociology. I took more classes than I was allowed to take for credit just because I wanted the knowledge. The head of the University where I attended in the beginning could not understand why someone would take a class they would not get credit for taking. This is the same attitude I see with people in the fitness industry…unless they can get continuing ed credits they don’t bother taking a workshop or class. BUT in order to become the best that one can be,personally, as a trainer or as an instructor, that should NOT be the priority. I work in aquatics and before I began that journey I was terrified of the water. Eventually I not only became a Master Teacher of aquatic fitness I have taught hundreds of toddlers and seniors how to swim. Quite an accomplishment of someone who didn’t swim before age 50 herself!

    As a dancer in NY we had a saying that “A finished dancer is finished”. In other words, if one thought themselves as “finished” meaning polished and as perfect as they can be with no need to keep pushing themselves to get better – they were “finished” (meaning done as a dancer). The same applies to the most things in the world.

    Once again. Thank you for your wonderful article.

    • Diana, thank you for your feedback! I really appreciate that you took the time– it really shows that you definitely “walk the walk” and it’s great to know, you’re not finished!

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